To invest in the well-being of your team,
is to invest in the future of your company.

About us

Selia is mental health platform that provides immediate, easy and confidential support to companies and their employees. We offer wellness content, group lectures, and virtual therapy, psychiatry and coaching sessions with highly certified specialists.

Selia is a complete and comprehensive solution focused on improving
work environment and team productivity

For employees

A safe and confidential space for them to start their wellness journey.

For the company

Support and tools for the cultural transformation of the company.

We have more than 36,000 users and 3,500 employees in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador who trust us.

We offer digital solutions that allow employees to start their journey towards
wellness, with a focus on measurable results

Reduce burnout and job presenteeism

Recognize, train and offer resources and tools to accompany employees on their well-being path.

Reduce work absenteeism

Work on the motivation and commitment of the team, to reduce the time that an employee is absent from work.

Talent attraction and retention

76% of employees believe that their company should offer mental health benefits.

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